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Launch Your Business
We Generate Results that Drive Marketing, Sales, and Management!

Experienced team with strategic vision offering comprehensive solutions in various areas: from planning to execution, with integrated plans and measurable results, while respecting available resources.



Share Your Challenge, We Have the Solution

Transform your brand, boost your sales, and maximize your management in an integrated way! Based on your challenges, we will deliver the ideal solution to drive the success of your business.

Our approach encompasses the pillars that drive any business: people, management, brands, communication, and a strong market presence.

If you're looking for measurable results, a motivated team, and consistent growth, we're ready to elevate your business.

Connect with us and let us show you how we can be the solution you're looking for!



Maximize Your Business Potential

Welcome to SUA CONSULTORIA, where our mission is to optimize and propel business performance. With a solid track record across various markets, Lígia V. Hernândez leads a team of experts committed to delivering exceptional results within your budget.

We are here to elevate your business potential!

Sobre Nós


Together We Are Stronger 

At  SUA CONSULTORIA, we believe in the power of collaboration. We rely on professionals and strategic partners who share our passion for quality services to deliver exceptional results for our clients in various areas:

  • Communication: Agencies in the ideal format to build your brand and/or product communication in a clear and impactful way.

  • Promotions/Events: Partners for creating memorable experiences for your brand.

  • Digital Presence: Assessment and identification of channels, content ensuring consistency and added value to the brand with its consumers and opinion leaders.

  • Visual Identity: We transport the essence of the brand to all tangible interfaces with consumers (from institutional to packaging and POS materials).

  • Market Research: Generation of valuable insights to support strategic decisions, as well as consumer validation in the face of brand changes and product launches/communication.

  • Sales: Based on the challenges, structuring of an organic and geographic growth plan encompassing all corresponding materials and actions. Including the development of new businesses generating qualified leads.

  • Team: Structuring, support in recruitment including continuous development plan for a high-performance team.

  • Company: Identification of innovation opportunities considering the business, market, structure, and human resources aiming at strengthening your positioning, growth, and differentiation.

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Elevate Your Business

Explore our success stories and be inspired to transform your company!


Discover firsthand how we can structure marketing from scratch and how we develop comprehensive marketing strategies.


Learn how we've contributed to growth strategies (volume/distribution), trade marketing (network anniversaries), and new business with the generation of qualified leads by implementing the sales funnel.


In managing and controlling your business, we map processes for defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), as well as assisting in structuring and forming teams with a proposed training program and internal marketing.


We believe in 360º integrated communication for brand consistency and strengthening. Our work ranges from positioning review, visual identity, to product and multi-brand campaign development, digital presence strategy, and targeted actions for opinion leaders/influencers.


With extensive experience in consumer goods, we can assist in reviewing product mix, innovation strategy, product renewal, and differentiated partnerships.


Discover the secrets behind successful teams through our exemplary case studies. Find out how we shape exceptional teams, overcoming challenges, and achieving ambitious goals.

Ready to boost your business? Schedule a call with us!


What propels our rocket?

The recognition of those who have been by our side...

"Lígia is an exceptional professional; her joy infects the work environment, making it even more inspiring. She is an excellent master of communication and a strong link between the company's strategy and the market. Working with her is always very enriching."

Aline Goettert

Nutritionist Specialist in Clean Label Products Development


Awaken the Potential of Your Business!

Talk to us now and discover how we can propel your marketing, sales, and management strategy to the next level.

The world changes

The market matures

Technologies evolve

And we accompany!


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We specialize in driving business growth, offering comprehensive solutions in marketing, sales, and management. We serve both national and international clients. We work hand in hand with you to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. Soar to success with us!

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Solução sob medida

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